Titanium Nail: How to Season or Cure

How To Season a Titanium Nail

What most people do not realize is that every brand new titanium nail needs to be seasoned. You can not just unwrap and immediately start vaporizing. Reason being is that most finished titanium went through a sealing chemical process that can add a metallic-like taste. In order to ensure the best experience, one must cure or season their new nail. Just like a cast iron pan, you have to season it to make sure you arent getting a weird taste. Thankfully if you have found yourself on this page reading this then you are in luck. Here at Titanium Therapy we want to make sure our customer get the best experience from every purchase, even if that includes us teaching you the basics. We love to go above and beyond for our customers.

Why Season or Cure a nail?

Just as we described above, treat it as if you were getting a new cast iron pan. The chemical process that each nail goes through to be polished must be removed by repeatedly heating to high temepratures and allowing it to cool in between. With doing this, you will ensure your nail does not give you a nasty metallic taste ruining your experience.

Steps to Season a nail.

  1. Place the brand new Titanium Therapy nail onto your rig, that you bought the correct size for. It should slide on or in your rig smoothly.
  2. Use your butane torch to heat the nail evenly until it is glowing red. Do not heat past this point as you are only wasting butane.
  3. While your nail is glowing red, take your dabber tool and grab a little bit of your essential oil concentrate. Start to “coat” or “paint” the top of the nail that you will use. This allows the oil to almost fuse to the top of the nail. Do not inhale this, it will taste absolutely awful. Trust us.
  4. Let the nail cool down and repeat Step 3 about 4-5 times. Once this is done you will now be able to enjoy your new Titanium Therapy nail.

Now Enjoy Your New Titanium Nail!

Titanium Nail: How to Season or Cure

itanium Nail: How to Season or Cure

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